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Wooden masterpieces in the hands of a carpenter

February 10, 2014

A carpenter, Jalilov Jalil, 71, manufactures kitchen belongings not only for sale but also for his family members.

“I served in Russia. After time in the army, I got into the construction department and lied about being a carpenter,” says Jalilov. “The reason was because my commander told me to choose the carpenter profession. He told me that if I choose it, I could stay there and work.”


A 71-year-old man who came to Baku from Shamkir in 1965, still looks like a middle-aged man. There are no wrinkles on his face and even no sign of gray hairs under his small-sized knitted cap. Three gold teeth appear periodically while he speaks. Old shabby trousers, a shirt worn under a pullover, a coat in strips, and a cap on his head: all these tell us that he fully dedicates himself to work.



After his time in the army, he graduated from the Technical University.

“My literacy is very good,” says Jalilov.

He studied in the evenings and worked in the mornings. During his life, he changed a lot of work professions: an engineer, a foreman, and now a carpenter.

He has a big family with a lot of grandchildren. He proudly talks about his family members, who are all highly educated, especially his older grandson who is studying his third year of university.

Jalil Jalilov started his retirement at 62 years old, and since that day, he has been working as a carpenter.

“Being on retirement makes people lazy,” he says. “When I feel like sleeping in the afternoon, I just get up and go out to make wooden things.”

He prepares everything from wood: swabs, rollers, and boards for cutting vegetables. He works not only for enjoyment, but also for money.


“Some foreign companies’ products are mostly worse than handmade ones. My handmade ones are ten thousand times better than theirs,” he excitingly says. “I don’t make it only for the sale. I also prepare it as a dower for relatives who are getting married.”

He has been living in Baku for about 45 years and has witnessed a lot of different changes in the city. However, despite that, he still loves new Baku more than old one. According to his words, the new high-rise building is astonishing and more durable during an earthquake. He says that during the Soviet period, “all new projects must be controlled and approved by Moscow, but now after getting independence, Baku has a chance to build new stunning buildings.”Image

“This is a good job. Old buildings were demolished and new ones were built instead. Once, I forbade a foreign man to take pictures of my old house,” says Jalil. “I shouted at him, saying, ‘Let’s go take pictures of new buildings, not old ones. I know – you sell pictures to the foreign media.’ It is a shame.”

Despite living in an old house, he still loves skyscrapers And proudly says, «I love the present Baku because Baku has never been like this.”



By Lala and Shahnaz


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