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Humans of Baku. Lives in one question. New Year edition. Part 2.

January 1, 2014

Humans of Baku. Lives in one question.  New Year edition. Part 2.

It is written, edited and photographed by masters degree students in journalism at the Georgia Institute for Public Affairs: reporters Lala Aliyeva and Gunel Safarova.

“The little New Year. Children’s stories.”

“What does New Year’s mean for you? ”

Maqsud, 7

“Well, it is a good holiday. I don’t want anything. We are decorating our New Year tree. To get presents is not the most important thing in our life. It is more important to celebrate this holiday all together.”

“Actually I don’t quite believe in Santa, because he has a plastic nose. I don’t want anything from him; maybe only a dog, a basset hound, a little dog with long ears who loves  chasing rabbits.”




“ Yes, I believe in Santa. I even saw him in the theater, but he did not give me a present,” says Zehra.

Mukhlise, 8

What do you want from New Year, Muxlise?




Farid, 8   

“Presents,” says Farid, “But I don’t believe in Santa Claus. My parents give me gifts. Once my father bought a present in a box, and on New Year’s Day I recognized this box under the tree. Then I understood that Santa Claus does not exist.”

“I want video games. ”

Nijat, 8

“I don’t know. May be because the city is being decorated.”

“I never get presents. And I know that my mom and dad give it to me.”

“I want nothing.”

"Classmates and friends"

“Classmates and friends”

Aysha, 8

“It is fun. But I don’t know what I want yet.‘’

“I want to see my family always good.”



Riad, 13

“ A lot of things I want. For example, ANF10.

– What is this?

“(laughing) This is a car. But seriously, I want to be lucky.”


– Do you love New Year?

“ Yes, of course. What kind of the questions do you ask? Don’t you record my voice haphazardly?”

“I wait nothing from New Year’s, except to wish to be healthy and alive.”

“One day I found out how my father put the presents under the tree, that’s why I don’t believe in Santa Claus.”

"We are friends"

“We are friends”

Alex, 10 and Sophie. 

“We are from Scotland. Christmas for me is to be happy and to get new presents under the tree,” says Alex,  “I expect new buildings in the city. For myself, nothing much. I have everything.”

"We are from Scotland"

“We are from Scotland”

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