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Humans of Baku. New Year edition.

December 31, 2013

Humans of Baku. Lives in one question.  New Year edition. 

It is written, edited and photographed by masters degree students in journalism at the Georgia Institute for Public Affairs: reporters Lala Aliyeva and Gunel Safarova.

“The little New Year. Children’s stories.”

“What does New Year’s mean for you? “

Emil, 10

“New Year means new thoughts and new opinions”

“ The city is getting ready for New Year celebrations, the gifts are being bought. Every New Year Day  we go out to the boulevard, but tell the truth we are fed up with  the  Boulevard and Baku, we want to go abroad. My dream is Paris and London.”

Emin, 10

“I love New Year but not because of gifts. We are spending New Year with our friends. We are all together on this day.  And my dream is going to New-York and London”

"We are classmates and we are friends"

“We are classmates and we are friends”

Natella and Aziza, 4

“Presents. I want to have a Teddy bear,”says Natella

“And I want to have a little dog,”says Aziza, “We are afraid of Santa Claus.”



Nuray, 8

“ We buy New Year tree and decorate it, it is a lot of fun. We are on holidays and we can go to the countryside. This year we are going to Guba. “

“I want to wish all the best and good health to my family”



Aida, 7 and Firangiz,4

“ I wrote the letter to Santa Claus but I forgot  what I want.”

“ She wants Barbie,” says her little sister,Firangiz,  “and I saw Santa Claus.”

Aida and Firangiz

Ayla, Nuray, Ayan, Nilufer, Nezrin. (8,9,10)

“New Year is a holiday for us, our lovely holiday. The New Year trees are illuminated, Santa is coming and we are eating a cake,”says Nuray.

“ Presents, playing with snow, and New Year Tree,” says Nazrin.

"We are friends"

“We are friends”

Yasmin, 4

“I love presents and Santa Claus.”

“I want a horse coach .”



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    Какие сладкие:)

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