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Little trip through Baku

December 12, 2013

Five student journalists took a purple-colored London taxi with their American professor, starting on a voyage of discovery through Baku.
The weather on this December day reminds me of autumn: falling golden leaves from trees not quite nude; a sky full of clouds and strong, cold wind mix with the rays of the sun, heating the day not at all.
Fashionable skyscrapers and old renovated buildings fly past the taxi windows. Time passed quickly and the taxi counter stopped its counting at the Haydar Aliyev Center. It is time to go out.100_4929

An amazing view opened: An enormous white, building with soaring windows and rounded curves, without angles; the building looks like fluid merging with the earth. The style symbolizes the duration of infinity: its lines are the connection with the past and future. Everything is white, the color of a pure future life.

This was the first impression from this building. Inspired by the external view the six travelers tried to enter the internal life of this beautiful place. The absurd rules of the fifteen manat entrance fees meant they could not satisfy their sightseeing. With disappointed feelings they left.
Taking pictures and making fun, the next destination was National Boulevard, located along the Caspian Sea. The six rode the underground for a couple of minutes until they arrived at a station that looked like the Louvre. Its blue-glass pyramid did not complement the ancient surroundings. Behind the pyramid stand the stone walls of the old city, witnesses to Baku’s long history. The philharmonic garden, located nearby, is evergreen with benches that attracted the attention of the travelers.
It is time is for lunch. Chicken, vegetables and sauce are wrapped into a pancake, unusual food for the American guy, who ate every bite.100_4932
Walking through the park they came to the seaside boulevard. On the right side the Baku Eye with the flag square and Chrystal Hall and above them the startling, Three Flames that watch over the city like a guards.
On the left side of the park hotels malls and new buildings face the sea.100_4928
Here the wind was blowing stronger and the sun was shining brightly and caused the light to turn the waves a shade of turquoise. The sounds of waves mixed with the clamor of seabirds.
Someone was running along the boulevard; a kissing couple sat on a bench; a crowd of girls took pictures of each other; a disabled woman in wheelchair, accompanied by a little boy, hurried to get somewhere or perhaps just get away from the fierce Baku wind. Only a middle aged couple sat watching this beautiful view, ignoring the piercing wind.
“I need some coffee,” said the American professor, who always seemed to need a coffee. “Let’s go get a drink.”

Lala Aliyeva


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