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Humans of Baku. Lives in one question.

November 22, 2013

“Humans in Baku. Lives in One Question” is written, edited and photographed by masters degree students in journalism at the Georgia Institute for Public Affairs: reporters Lala Aliyeva, Nazakat Zeynalli, Shahnaz Ahmedova, Gunel Safarova, Etibar Salmanli and photographer  Bayram Isgandarov.

“What makes you happy?”

Narmin Isparzade, 247897789

“Friendly human interaction makes me happy. I am always happy to be surrounded with friendly people who care, who want to make the world better and make this society better. This is what I mean and feel in human interaction.

“Another formal of happiness is money. You have material to buy anything you want, but without proper people interaction money can do nothing.

“People are not always satisfied with what they have but they must be thankful for what they have.
My advice to people is not to care only about themselves, but think about others, and put themselves in their shoes. Try to contribute a little, even if it is very little – try to do it.”

Mammadaga Valiyev, 80.


“Nothing. Nothing makes me happy. What God gives me is happiness for me. What is happiness? What is happiness?  What is  happiness? Ehhh? Will you give me money?”

Pasha Zeynalov, 48


Pasha Zeynalov, center, talks to GIPA students Nazakat Zeynalli, far left, Lala Aliyeva and Gunel Safarova. Timothy Kenny, far right, is a Fulbright Senior Specialist who teaches the journalism class.

“My country makes me happy. I am happy to be living in this country. I love Azerbaijani people. They are hospitable. I like observing young people. The government cares for youth, it supports their study. My son scored 638 points and became a student. Thanks to a presidential stipend he was able to buy a computer.  I graduated from the geology faculty.  Now I own a market.  I am satisfied with my life.”

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