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What is the democracy?

September 30, 2013

Every person understands the democracy in its. Mainly, most of us presume it as human rights, freedom of the word and actions, freedom at all, while there are those who consider that our country have to pass a long way for democracy, and not ready yet to be democratic republic. I refer to the people with this question. Conducted the survey between seven different aged people with question what democracy is for them. “Democracy is freedom of words and choice. Unfortunately, there is no democracy in our country, sure if we don’t consider the paper democracy.” said Jafarova Elnura, 26, who works at “Stimul” Company.

What is overview of democracy? Is it a political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections Or protection of the human rights of all citizens? Vuqar, 24, who is oilman, said: “Democracy is to live free, without any violations of human rights. Democracy is to live with no complexes and restrictions. “

As I mentioned above, there are a group of people who do not believe and not find the democracy appropriate for Azerbaijan. For example, Bayramov Orkhan, 25, lawer said: “Generally, I am against democracy. I support totalitarian regime, and consider it as more useful and appropriate for our country. Democracy is a chaos. For example, look at the sexual minority. Is it democracy? In my mind, it is inappropriate for Azerbaijan inasmuch as we don’t stand by to be free. This folk must be governed and be under the totalitarian regime. Moreover, Azerbaijan has a lot of types of national minorities, which can call for their sovereignty and freedom. I consider totalitarian regime is more suitable for us. Thank you.”

Is it democracy when people afraid of answering the question, hiding their names and positions, but refuse having democracy in Azerbaijan? A 50 – year-old man with enthusiasm started to talk about democracy, but in the end his action did not appropriate with his words. “Democracy is a freedom, freedom of word… And please don’t ask my name and my job. I am working for the government and I am professor,” – said a 50-year-old man. On the contrary Dilshad Huseynova, 24, the student of Moscow Institute of Law, who lives at the same time in Azerbaijan and Russia expressed her opinion like this:  “Democracy is the rule of people and it is not only freedom of words but also it is freedom of human rights. Tell the truth, there is no democracy either in Azerbaijan or in Russia. In addition, I  don’t consider that the parade of gays and lesbians as democracy.”

The purpose of the survey is to discover the answers of what democracy is for people in anticipation of elections in Azerbaijan. For Instance democracy for Cavid Askerov, 25, IT specialist starts when the freedom ends.

In conclusion, while I was having my dinner, I asked the waiter about what democracy is, and here is the answer. “I was not able to enter the university that is why I work here. Democracy is…is…mmm.. I am sorry I don’t know what democracy is,” said Alexandr, 19, waiter.

Lala Aliyeva


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